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Crime. Most people hate crimes, be it organised crime, juvenile crime or opportunist crime.
Crime statistics alone do not reflect true crime nor does there appear to be a balance between crime and punishment.

The financial cost of crime and anti-social behaviour cannot be accurately calculated.

The mental anguish suffered either as a result of crime or the fear of crime reduces quality of life to thousands. These matters can be addressed by careful and informed risk and threat assessments by an academically and experientially qualified security consultant.

Security. Knights International Consultancy Ltd offers a range of security services including asset protection, crime prevention, designing out crime, security surveys, crime audits, and home security.

These and other allied security services are available from one of the country’s leading security experts and foremost practitioners in designing out crime and crime prevention through environmental design. Be it corporate security, social security, commercial or individual security, this company can assist.

One of the outstanding features of this company is that the principal is eminently qualified in security matters from the security industry viewpoint as well as being academically qualified in criminology and security. An additional vital ingredient is that he has had years of hands on practical experience and can actually say ‘been there –done that’.

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